Blacklist IMEI Phone checkmend Officiel
  • Blacklist IMEI Phone checkmend Officiel

Blacklist IMEI Phone checkmend Officiel

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Besides, how do you know if your iPhone is blacklisted?

Above all, this service allows you to find out in a few minutes.

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Know the status of the Blacklist of an iPhone

In addition, knowing the status of the blacklisting of an iPhone is very important.

First to find out if your iPhone is blocked by an operator. In this case, you will not

be able to use your device. Firstly, iPhone Blacklisting is done by operators

in some cases, such as unpaid bills, stolen / lost smartphone. Dispute with the

operator. Secondly, with this service you can know the official status of iPhone

Blacklist with only the IMEI of the device. Do not be fooled by buying a blacklisted

iPhone! Check the status of the blacklist with this eb service just a few minutes

How do I know if my iPhone is blacklisted?

Nothing could be simpler, you just need to use this iPhone checkmend

Official Blacklist service. Enter your IMEI in the box provided for this purpose

when ordering. Validate it and the answer will be sent to you by email in a few minutes.

(Important the information provided by this service comes from the official Apple database)

and not from unofficial sources.

Syndromes of an iPhone Blacklist

Generally, iPhone Blacklists all have the same syndrome. That is to say, that your

iPhone does not manage to "hook" the mobile network. In other words, you pick up

the network for a few seconds then the message "network unavailable" appears or

"searching for network". This sign is one of the syndromes of blacklisting devices.

If your iPhone is blacklisted by a French operator, your device will no longer work

in France. You will not be able to connect to the French mobile phone networks as a whole.

Example of result obtained with this official iPhone checkmend service:

Model: Apple iPhone 6 (A1586)

IMEI: 3575800678XXXXX

Manufacturer: Apple

Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED

Blacklisted By: Orange Fr

Blacklisted On: 2017-04-16 06:57:12

Blacklisted Country: France

Last Activation Country: France

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